How To Make A Mango Smoothie,By Mia


If you LOVE mangoes and smoothies boy is this going to be delicious!


2 diced ripe mangoes

1 teaspoon of light brown sugar

1 cup of Great Value lowfat vanilla ice cream

1 food processor(or a blender).

1\2 cup of Great Value cold nonfat milk.

A couple of leaves of mint.


Step 1: Place mangoes in the blender or food processer. Cover. Process to make a thick puree.

Step 2: Add ice cream and milk blend again. Serve in parfait cups garnished with fresh leaves of mint if desired.

Helpful hint: Do NOT use more than 2 mangoes for the recipie. You do not have to put the mint leaves on the cups it is just a decoration.


One Response

  1. This sounds so good. Cant wait to make one of my own! Keep up the good work.

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