African Animals, Jose, 3-203

You sould come to Africa because you can see cheetahs and leopards and porcupines.

cheetahCheetahs can run 60 or 70 miles an hour. They have excellent eye sight. Cheetahs live in Kenya.

Leopards prey on and kill animals. Leopards are big cats and can adapt to almost any place. Leopards are the most beautiful of all the animals. They live in Botswana and Tanzania and Kenya.

Porcupines are 30 inches long and they weigh 44 pounds. They live for about 20 years.

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14 Responses

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  2. Jose I like the pictures, and your information.Try to make your begining more interesting. Daisy 3-301

  3. i like cheetas


  4. Nice pictures and nice handwriting.

    Jashon and Mahmud


    ANN 3-302, PS130

  6. we have been studing on afica but in a diffrent country ower country is madagascar we almost have the same animals as u

    daniel.p and kayla.s

  7. hey jose i like that you gave information to us and our class will learn about it. From Berin Aptoula

  8. jose we like your pictures ALOT

    renaldo and dino

  9. Hi, my name is Alaiz. I like your information about all the animals of Africa!

    Alaiz, PS 130, 3-302

  10. i know about cheetas to
    they are the fastist land animals


  11. i like ur details to your page alot tell me more about it

    danile.p and kayla.s

  12. PS130 is studying about Africa and doing travel brochures


  13. We like the animals

    Jashon and Mahmud

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