Final Thoughts (A Wrap Up)

Well My Little Explorers,

Today is the last day of school. I will miss you all so much. I wanted to hear your final thoughts on third grade. What did you love? (A subject area like math or science, a specific book, an activity, or a country we studied?) Tell me your thoughts on Hugo (our old friend). What is something that you are proud of? Did you meet your goals? Do you have new goals for this summer? I wish you all a safe, glorious summer. I look forward to watching you grow next year.

Keep reading, writing, and exploring…

With love,

Ms. A


9 Responses

  1. What I liked about third grade is that when I had Ms.Abodeely it was so much fun, but until now we have to leave Ms.Abodeely we were all happy.

    I liked math because when we played the math game it was terrific.


  2. I loved this year.It seemed to leave so fast. I loved all the fun we had. We bought cool stuff like the Hugo Cabret book.This is my favorite year ever.


  3. Ms. Abodeely,
    I will miss you too! Third grade is probably the best grade I have ever had and I bet it still will be the best grade when I’m nintey-seven. I love art and Harry Potter books. I’m looking forward to finishing the Harry Potter series. I think Hugo is a really nice friend(even though he is not here!!!) This year is the best year eight years. I’m crying right now!!!


  4. Dear Ms.Abodeely,
    I’m going to miss you too. Hope you have a fantastic summer vacation. I want to stay here with you in third grade it will still be my favorite class. I really like Hugo Cabret I can’t believe that Brian Selznick can put picture in to words and words in to text it’s amazing. The chines presentation you looked pretty everyone was having a great time. I don’t think I reached my goal yet but I practice. Hope you have a great summer vacation!!!
    *best wishes*

  5. I think HUGO WAS so Cool!I like it because it is a good book to read but it is a long time to read the a whole book

  6. Dear Ms.A,
    I realy love going to GYM!!!!!!. I also like two books one of the books is The SPICE Alphabet Book and the other one is The 4 Engilish roses.
    My favorite, FAVORITE country is France.




  7. I think third grade was fun and exiceding I like math and I like the story HUGO CABRET i will keep reading and I’ll try to get to my goal. and pratice my hand writing and script. i will miss you ms.abodeely

  8. I think that Hugo Cabret was a very supprising book because it has just picture then just words.We were really angxio to read part2 of the book.And we finished the book.

  9. Ms. A,
    I think you did a fantastic job using our site as an educational tool. I hope to see you do more of this and sharing your great work with your colleagues. I especially appreciated that you posted the websites the students could visit to assist them with their research. Keep up the great work =)

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