Where Are We Now? Hugo Cabret Summary

Hello My Young Explorers-

As you know, we have been reading Hugo Cabret.  We have added words to go with the image parts of the book and created images to go with the text parts of the book.

After each read aloud we have had a wonderful, rich discourse about the text.  I want to expand our talks on the rug to the blog.  I need to make sure that you all have a good understanding of the plot so far.  So please reply back to me with a detailed summary of Hugo Cabret.

This is not a time for predictions.  What do we KNOW has happened?  As you write, remember the parts of fiction: plot, character, problem/solution, and setting.  These should all be part of your answer to me.  I can’t wait to hear!

Thank you!  This has been so much fun so far!

Ms. A


11 Responses

  1. Hello my name is Jamie.How are you? I am going to tell you a summary of Hugo Cabret.

    Hugo Cabret is about Hugo trying to get his notebook back. Hugo is trying to get it back because there are important things in it. The person who stole Hugo’s notebook is the old man who works at the toy booth. Hugo fallowed the old man to his house. Then he threw a rock at the old mans window. Hugo’s father died in a fire so then Hugo lived with his uncle. His uncle was not a good guardian. One day Hugo’s uncle did not come home.Hugo ran away. Hugo went to the place were his father died. Then he found the automaton. The next 3 mouths Hugo’s uncle did not come back. Hugo kept on focusing on the automaton.

  2. The Invention Of Hugo Cabret is about a boy named Hugo. Hugo has many problems in his life. To be nice, (like Ms. Abodeely is) I’ll list them for you:

    1. Hugo lives alone in a secret room in the train station
    2. The old man (whose name is Papa Georges) stole Hugo’s notebook, which has the invention that Hugo wants no one knowing about.

    3. Hugo needs to get his notebook back before Papa Georges burns it.

    4. Hugo’s father died(poor Hugo…..poor poor Hugo…….)

    Hugo Cabret has an extreme amount of curiosity and exitement. He cared so much about his notebook that he followed Papa Georges into his house, on a cold winter night, when Hugo rarely leaves the train station, and he wasn’t even dressed properly. Class 3-206 and I don’t know if Hugo will be able to fix the automaton that was the main reason that Hugo’s father died.The Invention Of Hugo Cabret is a rich text. The Invention Of Hugo Cabret is a great book and even though it is expensive (its $20.00), you should get it because its worth it.

    By Hannah


    The girl met Hugo Hugo fell to the ground than he stood up and ran to the train station to his secret house. In his house his invention was there that was what the picture meant. Then in his memories his father saying it writes and if you fix it it might draw or write something
    that will change your life. and he said that it was more complicadid
    than any other michin.but he answer back that it is missing peices.If
    you fix it it will work.

    Hugo’ father

  4. Hugo Carbret
    HUGO MEETS the old man the girl also he needs to get the note book that that the old man took . Then he finds out that he saw a automaton that was in his note book and that was the wined up toys and got mad at Hugo because he stole the wind up toys.

  5. What I know about Hugo Cabret

    This book is about Hugo wanting his notebook back because I think he wants the instructions from the notebook. I think he is going to reinvent the automaton because in the picture it shows inside the automaton.

  6. Hugo Cabret

    So far Hugo wants to get his notebook back but the old man does not want to give Hugo back the notebook which has a drawing of the automaton. It is a machine. Hugo found his uncle.The uncle is sooooooo mean to Hugo.Hugo’s uncle did not come back more than three months.

  7. Chapter 1 is about a boy named Hugo Cabret. He lives in a train station in these apartments that was used for the people who used to work there but Hugo Cabret lives in only one of those apartments.

    Chapter 2 is about when Hugo goes to this toy booth but there is an old man at the toy shop with a little girl fighting for a toy but then the little girl goes away then Hugo gets to the toy shop. But little did Hugo know the old man was still was not a sleep. Then Hugo jumped suddenly the old man took Hugo’s hand and then puled it to him. Then Hugo told the old man to let go of his hand. Then the old man said “Take out what you have in your pockets.” Hugo took out every thing in his pockets then the old man took Hugo’s note book .Hugo told him th give it back!!!!! The old man was looking at the book but then the old man saw a picture of a automaton then he got happy,sad, then mad. Hugo said “GIVE IT BACK RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!” The old man asked “Were did you get this boy and what is your name.” The old man said. Then Hugo said his name my name is Hugo. Hugo Cabret.” I told you a lot about this book it is called THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET and it is by BRIAN SELZNICK is the author you will have to buy it to read the rest of the story.

    by scarlet

  8. So far Hugo has been stealing toys from an old man toy booth when Hugo went to steal another toy the old man grabbed Hugos arm and said “empty your pockets” Hugo did and the old man got the notebook. Now Hugo wants his note book. Hugo went to the train station (where he lives) and Hugo took a automaton and remembered everything that
    happened and needs his book.

  9. Hello Ms. Abodeely’s third grade class. This is Ms. Abodeely’s sister, another Ms. Abodeely. I hope you guys are enjoying the Hugo Cabret book and I look forward to hearing about the great projects you have worked on.

  10. Hey, 3-206
    I’ve seen some of the work you have done on your own projects using Hugo Cabret as your mentor text. When will the published pieces be ready?

  11. …I am speechless…This book is absolutely amazing!!! There is nothing else I can say…

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