Acrostics are poems that spell out a word. Each line tells about the title or topic of the poem. Acrostics may rhyme but they don’t have to. The letter from the word might start each line but they don’t have to. So Class 3-207 show us your acrostics.


7 Responses

  1. Shanely
    By: Jenna

    Shanely is sweet
    Has a beat
    A beat means heat
    Neat means eat
    Eat means leash
    Leash means yep
    Yep means sheep

  2. S’Nya
    By: Shanely

    S’Nya is my best friend
    Nobody is nicer than her
    Yesterday I had fun with her
    And we like to sing.

  3. Nice Poetry!

  4. Adam
    By: S’Nya

    Adam is nice.
    Dances a lot
    Apples is his favorite fruit
    Mmm he likes hot coco.

  5. Cats
    By: Jesus

    Cats have 9 lives they can die more then twice
    A cat can not run faster
    Than me to slow for me

  6. Carlos
    By: Adam
    Class 3-207

    Carlos you might get mean sometimes
    At Steven’s house you were good at Guitar Hero 3
    Rocks at Guitar Hero 3
    Lost to Steven’s brother in Guitar Hero 3
    Oh you are good at Guitar Hero 3
    So you are good at Rock Band

  7. Adam
    By: Elisha

    Adam is crazy sometimes
    Days are crazy when he is here Adam’s favorite ice cream is chocolate mint
    Me and Adam are best friends.

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