Internet Research

Our goals for Today’s Lesson:

  • Define what we’re looking for when we research
  • Learn what resources are available on this website
  • Talk about creating “Key Words” from a guiding question
  • Searching within a website (like Portaportal, or
  • Searching within a “search engine” (like Google or Yahoo)
  • Figuring out where to look on a web page for information

Fun activity:

  • Find a website about aliens, then copy and paste it into a comment on Diana’s post titled, “Do you believe in Aliens?”

7 Responses

  1. This lesson took most of the period. It is difficult for 3rd graders to find much useful information using key words on a search engine like Google or Yahoo that is not filtering for appropriate content.

    We demonstrated this point by searching within Portaportal for pre-approved links.

    In our fun activity, we used key words to search for images. This is a type of search that can work for 3rd grade students because they can decipher more easily what is relevant from irrelevant. Doing this within “safer” search engines like Creative Commons would be ideal, but it is slightly more complicated a process.


    National Geographic Kids — Animals page

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