Do you believe in Aliens?

I was talking to Jamie about aliens. I asked her if she believed in aliens, and she said, “No, I do not believe in aliens.” I read in a book (I forgot it’s name) that aliens are real, and I believe it. Denora and Masimka said that they believe in aliens. So I came up with having Mr. Rhys help us put a picture on the 3rd grade blog so we can ask kids that go to this website if they believe in aliens or not.

On the right, is a picture of what an alien might look like.


An alien is a creature that lives in outer space.

Diana’s Opinion

I think that since the Ozone layer of the Earth, which is protecting Earth, is breaking because of gas and smoke people are putting into the air. I think some of the good aliens may be protecting or fixing the Ozone layer, but some bad aliens may be making holes in the Ozone layer worse.

So, do YOU believe in aliens?

Type your answer as a comment, and tell us what you think they look like!


17 Responses

  1. I believe in aliens I got your back Diana

  2. Dear Diana,
    before I didn’t believe in aliens but………….that picture was really convincing. So…………..I believe in aliens.

    love Hannah

  3. I think aliens are not real. Because in the picture it looks like the alien is black and white but real aliens are green and I think aliens are not real.

  4. I think the chupacabra is fake. This photo is supposed to show a chupacabra, but there are thousands of photos of them, and they all look different. So I think something is fishy.

  5. I think aliens don exists because super man dose not exists.

  6. I do belive in them them.
    TOO REAL TOO REAL! Hold me!

  7. I think aliens are real because the picture of the chupacabra alien that Mr. Rhys found looks real.

  8. I believe in aliens because I saw one that was brown, and I think its real. I saw it on Google.

  9. I saw a alien in you tube and I was watching it but it looked like someone was wearing a chupacabra mask.

  10. I saw an alien in you tube and I was watching it but it looked like someone was wearing a chupacabra mask.

  11. I have thought about aliens a lot and they fascinate me. I think this is why I love reading books about creatures that don’t exist on Earth. I also enjoy watching movies like Signs and Independence Day over and over again. I think that our universe is too big for us to be the only intelligent creatures in it.

  12. i think alins are real because there on television and on books!!!!!

  13. i saw one on you tube

  14. I saw the video of that picture and they said it was a fake picture and a fake video

  15. I love all of the responses! What do you think Diana?!

    Remember everyone: anyone with an Internet connection and a computer can publish something to YouTube, sites that show up in Google Images, PhotoBucket, or any other website.


    Pictures can be “doctored”. Writing can be made up. Always look for more than one source that says the same thing, and try to find out who is writing what you are reading!

    – Mr. Rhys

  16. Diana your picture is very convincing. I do believe in aliens because scientists found a U.F.O.

  17. I dont think there real

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