How to Make Jello, by Pablo


If you have a box of lime or strawberry jello make your own dessert for yourself or for your family.

Helpful Hints:

Ask first your mom or dad to help you make this sweet recipe.You have to stir for 2 minutes.



1 box of strawberry jello

1 box of Lime jello

1 box of vanilla jello

6 plastic cups

1 pot


Step 1-Empty the contents of jello package in to one liter [2 cups] to boiling water. Stir until completely dissolved pour in molds and refrigerated until gelled.

Step 2-Add the other color and repeat step one and wait 1 hour until gelled.

Step 3-Repeat Step 1 and add another color and then wait one hour until gelled.

Helpful Hints:

This is a great dessert to enjoy at a party.


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