To the researchers of Class 3206

To my young explorers of Chinese culture:

The following websites should help with your Internet research on China. Choose a website that might help you with your topic. Then take notes (in your own words) about what you read.

Good luck in your journey!

Ms. A

China the Beautiful

Daily Life in Ancient China

Ancient China

Ms McGrane’s Grade 6 Social Studies Class

Electronic Passport to Chinese History

Discovery Online: Secrets of the Great Wall

The Great Wall of China

Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall (easy to read)

Historic Legends and Tales

Chinese Folktales Archives

Chinese Myths and Fantasies

Chinese Stories

Chinese Calligraphy

Learn about the history of Chinese calligraphy.

Chinese Inventions
Explore the inventions of the Chinese.

Empires Past: China
Explore Chinese history including Qin dynasty, Han dynasty and Era of Disunity, Restoration and Tang dynasty, Song dynasty, Mongol rule, Ming dynasty, Manchu/Qing dynasty, and list of rulers.

The Secrets of the Lost Chinese Empire


One Response

  1. Great Post Ms. Abodeely! It must have taken a while to find all of those web sites!

    Class 3206 — you can also look at the “China” link under “Categories” on the left side of the page to watch 3rd grade videos about China and see some of the links that Mr. McRae posted for his class last year.

    With all of these great resources I can’t wait to find out what you write about!!!

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