How-To Example, Downloading Images, and Review

Hey 3-303!

Today we are going to do three things:

  1. Review and edit our blog comments with our persuasive essay main ideas, and check the spelling, punctuation, and spacing.
  2. Publish a How-to piece to the blog explaining to our school, and anyone around the world, how to add a comment to our blog.
  3. Learn how to download pictures from the Internet to add to your writing, or use in a video.

Here’s an example of a How-to piece that you can use as a guide when we download images from the Internet:

Title: How to download images to your computer in Firefox

Introduction: Follow these steps to download pictures from the Internet and save them on your computer to use them in your published writing or videos.

Step 1: Open up Firefox

Step 2: Go to (HINT: There is a link to on the right side of the third grade blog under “Helpful research links”)

Step 3: On, click on the word “Images” so that it searches for pictures instead of web sites.

Step 4: Type your “key words” in the box next to the button that says “Search Images”. Key Words are the most descriptive words in a guiding question that you use when searching on the Internet. For example, if my guiding question is, “What kind of plants are there in the Himalayan Mountains?”, my key words might be: “Himalayas mountains plants”.

Step 5: Click the “Search Images” button.

Step 6: Browse through the small images that pop up and click on an image that you’d like to save.

Step 7: Click on the link that says “See full-sized image” at the top of the page. You should see only your image on the screen after this step.

Step 8: Click on your photo and drag it from the Firefox window, on to the background of your computer’s “desktop”. You should see a little icon for your image on your desktop after this step.

Step 9: Drag your image’s icon into the iPhoto icon on the “Dock” on your computer. The program called iPhoto should open on your screen with your photo saved in it.

Step 10: Drag the icon from your desktop into the trash can on your Dock.

Then go back to Firefox, find more images, and repeat the steps!


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