Persuasive Essay Main Ideas, by Class 3-303

Hello class,

Please type the main ideas for your persuasive essay as comments to this blog post.

Mr. Rhys


15 Responses

  1. My persuasive essay main idea is I should get a snake because my brother has one.

  2. The main idea is I wanted to have a dog but my mom said I can’t have a dog. You have to train a dog too much and it messes up the house sometimes.

  3. The main idea of my persuasive essay is I should be able to hear my brother’s mp3 player.

  4. My persuasive essay’s main idea is to convince my parents to go to Mexico.

  5. The main idea of my persuasive essay is that I want a Corvette Ride On for Christmas. My mom doesn’t think I’m responsibile enough to get one.

  6. My persuasive essay is about getting a lizard. I said important things to my dad. I will tell you how to write a persuasive essay. First I list what I want to write about and choose a topic for a persuasive essay. Next I try to think about what I want to convince my dad to do.

  7. The main idea of my persuasive essay is I should be able to get a LA hat.

  8. The main idea of my persuasive essay is to get a cat.

  9. Candy, I really don’t want you to move back to Mexico.

  10. Yesenia, I really want to know more about your argument with your brother.

  11. Mia what is a Corvette Ride On?

  12. I’m a third-grade teacher, and I had to look up what a Corvette Ride-On is, too.

    Here is a link to see what it is (at Amazon), plus some customer reviews showing that it appears to be expensive, and breaks easily:

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

  13. Thanks Eileen!

  14. […] Posted on April 28, 2008 by Mr. Rhys, TMS A teacher working in the Middle East recently commented on a post on our 3rd Grade Blog about persuasive essay […]

  15. I am not sure what to write about either. That’s why I am looking on-line. My last paper was not a persuasive paper, but it could have been. I researched manatees. They are on the endangered species list. You could write a persuasive paper on why people should help save endangered species. You could do one animal, or just why you should help animal not become extinct.

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