storyboarding our persuasive videos

Class 3-206 is making videos to help us persuade and convince our readers and audience to do the things that we want them to do.

Today we are talking about what pictures go with our reasons and examples. We are going to use this blog post.

Video Script

Michelle’s Thesis: “I believe I should have my own room.”

Michelle’s Reason 1: “I could do my homework in a quiet place.”

Michelle’s Example 1: “For example, my teacher in school, Ms. Abodeely, sometimes tells me I need a quiet place when I do my test prep.”

Michelle’s Image 1: Mid shot of Michelle’s room with Michelle at a desk with books, doing homework. We hear Ms. Abodeely’s voice “Now class, remember, you have to do test prep in a quiet place.” (We are going to take this picture in our classroom.)

Marc’s Thesis: “I believe people should stop smoking.”Marc’s Reason 1: “People should stop smoking because it can kill you.”

Marc’s Example 1: “For example, 30 thousand people die a year from smoking.”

Marc’s Image 1: smoking kills

Marc’s Reason 2: “My grandma should stop smoking because I care about her and love her, and I don’t want her to die.”

Hannah’s Thesis: “I believe I should get more kittens.”Hannah’s Reason 1: “I think I should get more kittens so I can practice caring for animals if I’m going to be a veterinarian.”

Hannah’s Example 1: “Once after my father cut my cat’s nails, she was crazy, and I learned how tame her.”

Hannah’s Image 1:  crazy cat picture


2 Responses

  1. Marc your right smoking does kill people. Merry Christmas Marc

  2. These video scripts are great.

    Marc you are right, but remember it’s not easy to do.
    Michelle I hope you get your own room one day.
    Hannah I never knew you were so good with animals.

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