PS 124’s Typing Practice Tools

What’s in this lesson:

  1. Typing basics and Goals
  2. Talk about what tools the class will use to practice (games, activities, software)
  3. Practice and Play!

Typing basics — Why Practice?:

Good typing is a key skill that will allow you to publish writing on the Internet, publish writing on the blog, and communicate with people all over the world through the Internet. To get fast takes practice.

Here some goals to focus on when practicing:

  1. Start with your fingers on HOME ROW (see the picture on the right).
    there are little bumps on the “F” and “J” keys that help you get your pointer fingers in the right place without looking.
  2. Learn to know where all of the letters and numbers are on the keyboard.
  3. When you have mastered the first 2 goals, try typing with your hands on home row, not looking at the keys — you should already be able to do “f”, “j” and the space bar 8) .

Here are our tools for practicing :

  1. Type 2 Learn : typing basics and games on some school computers
  2. skill-building games, speed tests, and typing basics you can practice on from any computer with an Internet connection. Here are direct links to the best games:

We look forward to hearing more from you on the school’s web sites (blogs) when you get the typing speed to share what’s on your minds!!!


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