How to make Pizza, by Scarlet 3-206

Scarlet November 13, 2007
Class 3206 PS 124

How To Make Pizza


I really love the taste of pizza. It is really fun and you can even get to play with the dough for a few hours. It is really coo because you can get to make little cut outs with it. I even made a smiley face and a ginger bread man. You should make pizza because it is so much fun and you don’t get bored with it.



cheese cutter

tomato sauce

flat place

oven mitten

pizza cutter




First, you get the dough then you get the roller and roll the dough all up.

Next, you get the tomato sauce and put it on the dough. Be sure that you put all of the sauce on the dough.

Now, you get the cheese cutter and cut the mozzarella. Be careful not to cut your self. You can really get hurt.

After, you could put the cheese on the pizza. If you want you could have some cheese. Now, carefully put the pizza on the flat plate. Be careful not to get any sauce on you.

Then, put the pizza in the oven. Put the oven on 350 degrees. Make sure you don’t put your hands on the oven you could get burned so wait for 1 hour.

After, the pizza is done let it cool off a bit. After, the pizza is cooled off get the pizza cuter and cute the pizza in to 4 parts. If you want you could cute the pizza in to 6 parts if you like.

Finally, now we can eat the pizza – yummy!!!

By Scarlet


One Response

  1. Beautiful writing Scarlet!
    I saw it on a computer in your classroom and told Ms. Abodeely that our blog audience needed to see it. I think on Monday you should add a picture of a big pizza to this post. I’ll help you.

    Nice HOW-TO!

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