Welcome to Egypt, home of Mummies!!!

Introduction: Welcome to Egypt, home of mummies!!!

Reason 1: You can see mummies of pharaohs (ancient kings) and queens in pyramids and in The Valley of the Kings and The Valley of the Queens.

– In ancient Egypt there was a pharaoh named King Khufu who had The Great Pyramid at Giza built for his own mummy when he died.

– King Tutankhamun wasn’t buried in a pyramid. He was buried in The Valley of the Kings. He was discovered in the 1920s by English archeologist Howard Carter. He later died because of an infected mosquito bite, but some some people think it was the pharaoh’s curse coming for revenge.

Reason 2: There are not only human mummies, but there are also animal mummies!

Reason 3: It isn’t easy to make a mummy!


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  1. I love everything having to do with Ancient Egypt. I have books and movies about mummies and Ancient Egypt. One day I hope to visit Egypt and the pyramids at Giza. What have you learned about Ancient Egypt?

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