Abodeely’s Personal Narrative Rubric

This is a personal narrative rubric we’re working on: Personal Narrative Rubric (Word Doc)


3 Responses

  1. Julie,
    What do you think about posting the discussion questions at the bottom of your Rubric to the blog for kids to post responses to?

    i.e.: “What did you find difficult or easy in personal narratives?”

    Dale and I were thinking this could be a great grade-wide follow up exercise to using the rubrics on a class unit.

  2. This is class 3206. We are practicing posting a comment.

    Diana says that the rubric, “helps us keep track of our work and we see if we need to keep practicing or do more.”

    Jamielee states that, ” the rubric can remind you of good writing strategies.”

    “The rubric helps us to look at the mistakes that we made and to help us get better,” said Scarlet.

    Loriel did not find the rubric helpful (but hopefully he will next time). But he adds that if you want to ask questions, you must put a question mark at the end.

    Michelle thinks that the rubric helps us find what we did wrong for example:

    spelling (Hannah)
    punctuation (Michelle)
    capitalization (Denora)
    to see if our writing makes sense (Nancy)

    Marc says it helps us, “to put the right punctuation in the right place in the text.”

    “You can only make a few mistakes if you want to get a 4,” Masimka explained (Melissa suggested this great word explained instead of said).

    Hannah suggests, “the rubric helped me write better.”

    Michael says that, “you need punctuation.”

  3. […] 3-206’s Personal Narrative Rubric Posted on March 4, 2008 by Ms. Abodeely, 3-206 3-206 created a rubric and posted it to the 3rd grade blog. Then, using the projector cart and a laptop, we discussed how the rubric was useful taking notes, which we posted as “comments” to our blog post.  Here is a link to that post and discussion: “3-206’s Personal Narrative Rubric“. […]

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