3rd Grade Video Illustrations are UP!

PBJ Time Video StillIn case you’ve missed them, three videos have been posted to the third grade blog.

They are “video illustrations” to student writing projects. Video illustrations help our audience connect to the writing, just like a photo or drawing would in a book.

Below are links to the Videos embedded on PS124third.wordpress.com blog posts:

3-206 How-To Cookbook

3-307’s Persuasive Letter to the DOE

3-307’s Math Workshop (video illustration through guided practice with Mr. Rhys)

Ms. Abodeely and Ms. Lutz’s students created these videos by adapting a piece of their writing to make a video script, then deciding what to show on the screen and what sounds should go with the video images they planned to shoot by drawing storyboards. Students decided whether “close-ups”, “mid shots”, or “wide shots” worked best to communicate the message in their writing. Then they set up the camera shots based on their storyboards, recorded, and edited using iMovie software on a Mac laptop with Mr. Rhys. They selected music from iTunes that fit the tone they wanted to convey, and recorded narration, and added titles to pack in as much information as they could into these short pieces.

Video Illustrations can be completed in 3-4 class periods. We’ll be making more very soon, stay tuned!

– Mr. Rhys, TMS


7 Responses

  1. THIS is real good can you do anather one?


  2. Hey Tatiana,

    Sure, we’ll get started this week on our next videos in your class and Ms. Lutz’s.

    Mr. Rhys, TMS


  4. […] As a class, we are going to create a “video illustration” to go with your writing on the theme of “Friendship”. A video illustration is a short video that uses sounds and pictures to help communicate what is in our writing — like the videos made by 3rd graders earlier this year. […]

  5. Hey Mr. Rhys-

    When can we get our African presentation videos on the blog???

    Ms. Abodeely

  6. Ms. A,
    When kids finish their videos they will compress them for the web, so they can be uploaded and linked to the blog.

    To do this, they will find the ‘Share’ or ‘Export’ option under the ‘File’ menu, and choose the Quicktime option from the window that pops up. Under quality they will choose ‘CD-ROM’. That will save a flat Quicktime file that we will upload to YouTube.com.

    I can demonstrate on Tuesday.

    Mr. Rhys

  7. Hi To Everyone in Ms Abodeelys class. She has told me all about you and how proud she is of each one of her students. She really wants us [ her mother and father] to visit your class.

    Would that be ok with you? Please let me know.

    Mr Abodeely

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