How to make pizza, Ileanel

Ingredients (with measurements):

1 mozzarella cheese, grated

1 pizza crust

1 cup of tomato sauce


Step 1: Put pizza a crust on a table.

Step2:Put1 cup of tomdo soise on the crust use a spoon to speed the sauce.

Step3: Put 1 mozzarella cheese grated on the crust.

Step4: Ask a parent to put it in the oven for 10 minutes so it can be nice and bubbly.


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11 Responses

  1. ur blog iz soooooooo Kool our school haz 1 two here iz the address the school is in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, Eroupe, pleas visit it ang leave a comment

  2. Gemma & Kirsty,
    Thanks for commenting on our blog posts. The students are testing this week, but next week they will write you back. We’ll write you here, and also check out your blog and comment there.
    Nice to meet you!

    Mr. Rhys, TMS

  3. Hello,
    My name is Lynn Bruce and I am Kirsty and Gemma’s teacher at Forehill Primary in Aberdeen.
    We were all very excited to get your comment this week. I really liked your idea of sharing work so I have spoken to another teacher who has a class nearer your ages. They have not done any blogging before so I will set up a blog for them and my primary 6 class will help them to get started.
    Mr Daunic, would it be alright for me to pass your e-mail address to my colleague so that she can get in touch with you directly ?
    This week our school is having a Health Week with lots of activities and healthy food tasters. Primary 6 will be posting photographs and interviews on our Health Week blog. It would be great if you were able to visit us at

    I am really looking forward to working with you all,
    L Bruce

  4. Lynn,

    Great to hear from you! We were very excited to hear from Kirsty and Gemma.

    Ms. Delaney’s class is set to start work this week on describing their classroom, school, neighborhood, and the borough of
    Brooklyn, and posting their writing and photos to the blog. Hopefully I can just email your colleague when they are up.

    Your health blog sounds great. I have a 5th grade class that is starting a research-based video on where their food comes from. I will have them look at your posts as soon as they are up and write you some comments.

    Do your students post to the blogs as a class, all at once, or do they do it independently? Most of our posts are done as class activities with individuals or small groups working on laptops. Just curious. I would think this type of relationship might encourage more independent blogging from our kids.

    Thanks for your response! I’ll be looking for your health week posts, and an email from your colleague.

    Mr. Rhys, TMS

  5. ur blog is sooooooo kool

  6. Hello P.S 124
    Here are the answers to all you of your questions
    1)John, the star is there because it is part of the theme for Rock You and we liked it.
    2)Alex, Scotland has lots of mountains and hill and wonderful scenery but the weather can change rapidly.
    3)Dylan, we were testing to see if we could read the writing on the hand poem.
    4)Raquel,we all made the hand poems and we studyed our hands useing our sences.
    5)Karl, our teacher’s name is Miss Bruce.
    6)Anwaar,p6b means primary 6 and B means Miss Bruce, the pupils in our class are 10 and 11.

  7. What a perty picture you have a dtelicause pizza that is good for my kind of insted

  8. What a perty picture you have a dtelicause pizza that is good for. my kind of insted

  9. how did you learn to make pizza,I Think it look good


  10. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  11. Peace people

    We love you

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