How to make grilled cheese sandwich, Sonia

Ingredients (with measurements):
1 slice American cheese.
2 slices whole wheat bread.

step 1: Put two slices of bread in the toaster.
step 2: Put the cheese on the bread and melt it.
step 3: Feeds only one person.
step 4: Enjoy the grilled cheese.

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4 Responses

  1. Man that sandwich looks good.I would Devoured it.If i had one of that sandwich i will eat it up.I felied like eat 2 of.

  2. Hi,my name is Nicolle.My school is ps.13.I am in 5 grade.

  3. Hih I am from ps.13 that food is nasty how did you make that with out bating it

  4. Hi! I wrote the recipe but I think that you did not
    get it. First you have to take the bread and put the
    cheese in the bread. Then you have to put the bread
    in the microwave and let the cheese melt. It is not
    nasty it is delicious.

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