How to make a hot dog, Ashley

Ingredients (with measurements):
1 slice of bread
2 tsp. of ketcup
1 hot dog
boiling water

step 1: put the hot dog on the stove with boiled water
step 2: when you see it is nice and hot you take it out.
step 3: put it on the bread.
step 4: then you put ketcup on the hot dog.
step5: you could put chese,onion,or relish.
step6: you could put alot or a little.
step7: you can eat it !

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6 Responses

  1. My name is MARIA and my best friend name is Edinson. I like a part of the picture and my friend said that he love but then he said that he donot like. BY MARIA AND EDINSON PIST.

  2. That is really cool. I think that you were really good at what you do. Maybe you can be a creater of building stuff some day. I am Brittany from PS 13 and you guys are cool.

  3. Hi,my name is Justin I am from P.S.13,and I am impress of your creation it is one of a kind. Your work you did is a nice work bye.

  4. Hi my name is Nathan and I think your hot dog
    ashely is great what did you make it out of it
    it is very creative.

  5. Hey Ashley I think your hot dog is cool. What happens if I want Mutard

  6. you guys ared soooo cool..sumdia i wanna make a giant hotdogg out ov pikel jars…would u help me becauuuse yu are soo vary smart.

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