African Traditions, 3-203

African Dance


You should come to Africa. There’s excitement everywhere. There’s a lot of entertainment.

African people get entertained by music and dancing. The beautiful music mostly comes from drums.

When Africans dance they wear colorful clothing and special jewelry.

Popular african traditional dances
Because thy always do african dances
at the nigth or at the day

They teach them in the class. They use some things at the class. And they are gender.

They make music with kete drums from ghana;and they use drums from morocco; and avagas; and they also use adodos from togo. they make diffrent dances like
ceremonial dance, circular dance, war dance.

Agbadza is a dance. Everybody in the community does it. It is among the oldest musical types performed by Ghana.

Adzogbo is another type of dance. The men do it to make the women happy. It started in Benin now it is a popular in south east Ghana.

Atsiagbekor is another kind of war dance. Warriors perform the dance when they returned to the village. Now it is performed at social occasion. During this dance the drummer and the dancer work together.


You should come to Africa because there are a lot of beautiful names, If you go to Africa you’ll hear beautiful names and maybe what they mean.
African LadiesI’ll give you two African names Wanda and Babu. Wanda means fame and Babu means grandfather. Wanda is a female name and Babu is a male name. These names are unusual that’s what makes it interesting. That is also a good reason why you should come to Africa.

Traditional Religion

The African traditional religion believes in the presence of spirits. In the African world spirits are everywhere in people, trees, rivers, animals, rocks, mountains and even in automobiles and other personal things.Babu

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