African Clothes, Class 3-203

african manYou should come to Africa. They have nice clothes. People in Africa seem to have started wearing clothing 75,000 years ago. That’s about the time the first body lice got started and lice need clothing to live in. The first clothing was made out of animal skins- leather and fur shawls and loincloths. And the first jewelry was probably made out of seashells and feathers.
After many thousands of years people began to make a lighter, less sweaty kind of clothes.

african women in dressProbably the first kind of clothes made in Africa was pounded bark fibers. You peel
the bark off trees and pound it with a rock until the fibers get soft and the hard part breaks off. This makes small pecies with cloths which can be pounded or sewn together. In Uganda in Central Africa, for instance, people used the bark of fig trees. The kind of bark fabric maybe related to the development of Eygption papyrus. People also pounded cloth from the raffia palm.

For more information on African Clothes, visit African Clothes History for Kids.

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