A Girl and Her Dog

One day a 10 year old girl named Cassie walked by a dog store and called her mother on her phone and said”Hey ma can I buy a dog” “Why you want a dog if I’m gonna end up takeing care of it” “Ma please I promise I will clean up after the dog” “Do you promise?” “Yes” “So go on and get a dog” “tank you mom your the best mom ever!!!!” So Cassie went in the dog store and bought 2 baby puggle’s. And she brong them home. Cassie played with them, put them to sleep, and fed them. Then Cassie had to go to do some school work but she didn’t want to leave the puppies. And she didn’t know what to do. So she called the school and said she couldn’t make it. So she stayed home to take care of her puppies and when her mom came home she said I finally get a break so she went to her room. THE END



5 Responses

  1. Dear Sabrina,
    I loved the story you made but there was some words that you did not write well, like [thanks, and caring.] But I really like the story it was great. You should write two more stories or more because I like the story that you wrote. I think you will be an author when you grow up and write alot of books.

    From:Dalia and Nikol 3-307

  2. Dear Subrina,
    I know you want someone to write you something so I will write to you. I think your story was great but you made some words that were miss spell good but your story was good and I like how you said, “A girl named Cassie and that she was 10 years old.” It wasv great for me you should write more stories and more stories you could write a friendship book or other book and I think they will be great!
    From:Dalia your best friend

  3. Dear Subrina,
    I hope you readed my comment . I feel sad because no one else raeded your story. I do not know why no one readed your story but it was great I like very much, well see you later I might write you aother comment ok.
    Your Friend: Dalia

  4. Dear Subrina,
    I hope you are happy now that I gave you comments and you like them maybe if you write aother one and I will write you about four comments ok.
    Your Friend: Dalia



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