Ancient Kings of Egypt: Eureka Moment

I discovered a dollar that has a king on it. The king is gold colored. I found it amazing because I am interested in ancient Egyptian kings. When the king died people made the king safe by wrapping them in linen with gold good luck charms.

Matthew, 3-206


8 Responses

  1. Matthew,
    I loved your moment!

    Rhys, 3-206

  2. Dear George II,
    It was funny when you wrote that they didn’t wrap mummies in toilet paper. I learned that there were animal mummies. I didn’t know that!

    Maria, 3-206

  3. Matthew your comment is really cool. You rock dude.

    Mark, 3-206

  4. Matthew: I didn’t know a dollar is a pound and I don’t know it has a king.


  5. Matthew I love your moment I learned a dollar = 2 pounds. Now I know a dollar in egypt = 2 pounds you rock dude.
    Alexandra, 3-206

  6. George II,
    I liked your story that you wrote. There was a funny part that I liked. I didn’t know that mummies were wrapped in linen. Linen comes from a water plant called flax.

    Sharon, 3-206

  7. Matthew,
    your moment had something to do about how to protect the ancient king of Egypt.what does that have to do with your Eureka moment?

    George 1, 3-206

  8. Good job Mathew. I liked your non-fiction writing.

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