Planning our video illustration

The main idea we are illustrating with our video:

The Department of Education should not block our websites because we need it to find good information.

Sentence 1: Ms. Abodeely’s class was trying to do some educational research on the Internet.

Sentence 2: When the students were trying to find web sites by typing their topics into Google some of the web sites that they found were blocked by the Department of Education!

Sentence 3: When the students websites got blocked they were upset.


13 Responses

  1. Shot 1
    What you see: Wide Shot of students walking up to computers with pencils and research folders.

    What you hear: Sounds of keyboards, and natural sounds. The narrator says, “Ms. Abodeely’s students are trying to do some research on the Internet.”

    Shot 2: (from your writer’s notebooks)

    Shot 3: (from your writer’s notebooks)

    Mr. Rhys, TMS

  2. hi guys,

    this is a really interesting issue. i’m looking forward to seeing your video about it, and i’ll be watching to see if you’re able to persuade anyone at the Department of Education to think differently about it.

  3. Shot2;
    what you see: Its a mid-shot. A student name Kiara is typing in the Internet in to and the screen says “blocked”.

    what you hear: Kiara said ”oh no I am blocked”.

    what you see: It’s a close up. You see Kiaras hands typing PBSkids, but the screen says “blocked” again.

    what you hear: Kiara says “I am going to go to Africa. Can you give me a web site because PBSkids is blocked!”

    by Kiara and Angelisseg

  4. Shot 2:
    what you see:
    Mid shot. We see two kids sitting at the computer and typing and writing

    what you hear: I hear typing and loading and Anthony says “let’s go to PBS kids.” Halley says, “OK!”

    Shot 3:
    what you see:
    It is a close up of the computer. They see “access denied” on the screen.
    what you hear:
    Anthony says”oh man!! I just got blocked.


  5. SHOT 2;
    what you see: TWO KIDS ON THE COMPTER WITH their research folder and thay are going to and thay are denied.

    what you hear: I hear kids saing oh noihs

    SHOT 3:
    what you see:

    what you hear:

    Tatiana &; DEVIN 3-307

  6. Shot 2:
    What I see: midshot. I see Kim and Angelisse typing to get information on their topics on Africa.
    What I hear: I hear natural sounds and people typing on the keyboards.

    Shot 3:
    What I see: I see kimberly helping (close up) Angelisse.
    What I hear: “Kimberly can you help me please?” “I just got blocked.”


  7. Good job so far everyone. I’m sorry we got cut off. Remember, if you are logged into the blog as “ps124student” you can edit your comments to finish typing what we started in class.

    I’ll see you in 2007!

    Mr. Rhys, TMS

  8. Shot2:2 kids are going on a website and the access was denied. mid-shot
    what I hear:I hear a pencil tapping and a folder rattleling.

    Shot3: 1 of 2 kids said”Don’t go to http://www.goafrica .com because I got blocked by the department of edgucation.”Another kid said ”why?”The first kid said”It is proboley inapropreite.close-up
    What I hear:I hear kids talking to each other.


  9. Shot 2 see: Students are going to the computers and going to the websites. The students in 3-307 are going to the websites and are blocked by the DOE.
    Hear: This is not good!

    Shot 3 See: Some students are blocked by the DoE.students are trying a different website and worked because it is not blocked.
    Hear: Students are whining like if they

    By Dalia and Rosa

  10. Shot 2: Kimberly is typing in and it is a mid shot.”It’s blocked!” said Kimberly.
    Shot 3:close up and it says”Access Denied.” So, Kimberly asked a friend named Nikol.”Nikol, can you give me a website because mine is blocked and I can’t get in.” said Kimberly. So, Nikol said,”Why don’t you go to
    What I hear:”Darn it! I’m blocked and I can’t get in!”

    By:Nikol class 3-307

  11. shot 2:I on see kids on the computer typing and I hear them whispring questions to each other because they need help so Rosa said Devin”can you help me.” mide shot

    shot:3 I see Rosa and Devin said ” Rosa can you help me because I

  12. Guys,
    As we learned today in class, remember, you will not be able to read what is on the computer screen unless it is a “CLOSE UP” shot.

    Mr. Rhys, TMS

  13. Cast:
    Rosa – computer 1
    Anthony – computer 2
    Halley – student
    Angelisse – student
    Devin – student
    Sabrina – narrator

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