Math Workshop with Video Illustration

In this video, you get a glimpse of the math workshop in class 3-307. We were working with Mrs. Manos on number stories. We reviewed the steps to solving these problems.

First We made sure we understood the problem because if you can’t understand it – you can’t solve it!

Second we discussed the strategies that we could use to solve the problems. Our strategies included:1. Using counters such as base ten blocks 2. Using a number model 3. Solving a simpler problem 4. Using a table or chart or 5. Drawing a picture.

Next we used our strategies to figure out the answers (look at our exciting video for highlights).

Finally we checked our answers to make sure they worked. We learned a lot during our lesson and independent work. Thank you Mrs. Manos for helping us with our strategies and thank you Mr. Rhys for capturing it all!

Here’s the video on YouTube*:

If the video is not working for you in this blog post:

1. Try watching it directly from You Tube: Math Workshop on

2. Watch it on The Media Spot’s website: Math Workshop on

3. Try watching it directly from Google Video: Math Workshop on

* and are blocked by the New York City Department of Education. If you don’t see the video in this window it may be blocked by your school or business’s firewall. We are working on ways around this issue to share our videos with as wide an audience as possible.


3 Responses

  1. MR. RHYS, why isn’t ACSESS DENIED! on the blog???

    Nikol, 3-307

  2. It’s coming Nikol! Hold your horses!!!
    I’m going to send it to YouTube today. Check back soon!

    Mr. Rhys, TMS

  3. […] As a class, we are going to create a “video illustration” to go with our persuasive essay to the Department of Education. A video illustration is a short video that adds sounds and pictures to help communicate what is in our writing — like the video we made for the Math Workshop blog post. […]

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