Message to the Department of Education (Preview)

Mayor Bloomberg, Joel Klein, Neil Nicastro, and members of the Department of Education,

Class 3307 is learning how to write persuasive essays. The purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader of something. The basis of a persuasive essay is the thesis. A thesis is a main idea or the author’s purpose. We choose thesis statments by thinking about what we really care about. We use reasons to support our thesis statements.

DOE blockedAs a class we chose to write a persuasive essay to the Department of Education to stop the ban on certain parts of the Internet. The problem is that a lot of the websites we need for researching social studies topics are being blocked. We have many reasons that we feel support our thesis. The first is that we need these websites to research Africa. Also, some of the books that we have do not help us enough and we need more information. Another reason is that we should have access to all the Internet. Another reason is that when we want to publish a piece they block some of our words like Nintendo or Pokemon.

We have some suggestions for the Department of Education and Mayor Bloomberg.
It would keep us from getting to good websites. For example, we are studying Africa and we may not find enough information in our library and we will need the Internet. When we were going to PBS Kids we were blocked. PBS Kids has a lot of good information on Africa.

We might not be able to publish to our blog. One time, Anthony, a student in this class tried to publish his How-to piece on the Internet about a video game system, and it did not go through to our blog, because the title of the game was blocked.


Class 3-307, Public School 124, Brooklyn, NY

(This post was made as a group writing activity by class 3-307 at PS 124 in Brooklyn, the final essay will be posted here soon!)


3 Responses

  1. You can have sites unblocked. Talk to your building tech coordinator. You might have to send a few emails to get it done, but it is possible. I’ve had to have some very excellent sites unblocked, i.e. An excellent site for getting information about New York City, past and present, it was blocked because the word “game” was on the home page.
    I love your blog! \

  2. Thank you Mrs. P!

    We are going to mention this in our final essay. We may even write down the steps of how to get a website “unblocked” as a “how-to” writing project on our blog.

    How did you find our blog? We hope you will continue to read our posts and write more helpful comments!

  3. […] As a class, we are going to create a “video illustration” to go with our persuasive essay to the Department of Education. A video illustration is a short video that adds sounds and pictures to help communicate what is in our writing — like the video we made for the Math Workshop blog post. […]

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