Once there were four little girls named Danyell,Martha,Kiara,and Sabrina. They lived in a castle were ghost,goblins,trolls, and devils lived. But they didn’t know it was a haunted house they thought it was a good place were the maids were nice and everybody was nice. But one day they found there mother  laying on the floor the four little girls paniced so they called the pollice and just then they saw a ghost pass by them. Then Kiara was curious. So Kiara called the ghost catcher but he said “Hello tell me were you live so I kill you.” Then Kiara wispered “I think something mysterious is going on.” Then Martha said “What?” Then Kiara said “Oh nothing.” But just then they saw blood coming out of their mom and they started to bleed so they started walking toward the door but the door wouldn’t open so they tried the window but then they saw an ax so they took the ax and threw it to the door. The door opened but a group of ninety goblins came in and almost killed them and it was the next day and it was their mother’s birthday. But there mom was dead so they went to the monster house and they died.



One Response

  1. When I read story it was really good because in the castle there lived a ghost, goblins, trolls, and devils.
    Alex, 3-206

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