Esmeralda is a BFF, persuasive essay

Esmeralda is a BFF.

Question: How are you girls BFF (best friends forever)? Well great friends always take care of each other. Here are some examples.

Ex: She saves me a seat at lunch. She also shares stuff with me when I need it. When I get hurt she comes and helps me and nothing can break us apart. That’s why we will always be BFF.

Once something really broke us apart and Esmeralda and I really were not friends so we wrote letters to each other. When we finished writing letters to each other we came to each other and said sorry and then my eyes were wide open because she changed her mind.

It makes me crazy when she changes her mind. So I had to write another letter to her to make decide yes or no, and tell her that she can not change it anymore.

Vivian, 3-203


2 Responses

  1. I think its great that you and Esmeralda are BFF. From that essay, I really think you are BFF’s. I like that you added detail about how you guys are BFF. Good Job!!!
    Angela, 5-303

  2. you soi yro htorndj by anngy

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