Bugaboo, the Monster in the Forest

Once there was a Scary Forest. Two best friends, Dianellie and Nicole where trying to get some flowers for Nicoles mother because it was her Birthday. Dianellie was picking wierd looking flowers. She smelled them, and fainted. Nicole was very worried. She started to cry. Just then, she saw someones shadow. The shadow was right in front of Nicole! It was a monster with 12 eyes, all purple and blue, and sounded wierd. Then, Dianellie woke up. When she saw the monster, she screamed. Nicole called him, Bugaboo. They both got up, and quickilly ran away. They saw a big house. They opened the door and ran inside.

      Bugaboo was looking for Dianellie and Nicole. Then, Bugaboo saw a skeleton. The skeleton screamed and Bugaboo ate him! Bugaboo got in the house that the 2 friends where. The girls saw something purple outside. It was  Bugaboo! He opened the window and threw green goo. It landed on Dianellie. Now shes stuck. Nicole tried everything she thought of. Then, she saw a knife. She took the knife and cut off the goo. Dianellie was so happy, she jumped up with joy, and hugged her friend.

     Now Bugaboo got in the room with the girls. Nicole took a skeleton arm and hit Bugaboo. Nothing happend.” I thought that would work.” She said. Then all of a sudden, Bugaboo melted. And the girls lived happily ever after.            The End                    Nikol 3-307



6 Responses

  1. comon, send comments to nikol. nikol 3-307 P.S. It’s me, Nikol who wrote the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nikol,
    This is a great story! As scary and weird as the one we wrote in class, but different. Nice job! You are one of the top bloggers at the school!

    (remember, no real email addresses! — I took yours out.)
    Mr. Rhys, TMS

  3. Hi nicole, I saw you’re post Katherine,3-307

  4. Bagaboo?!Anthony 3-307

  5. Hi Nikol it is Dalia I like the story because it was funny and it was scary foe me!

    By Dalia

  6. Hi Nikol it is Dalia I like the story because it was funny and it was scary forme!

    By Dalia

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