Our Scary Halloween Story

Once upon a time, in a scary forest, there was this monster called the Gooey Goblin. There were three girls in the scary forest, they saw an ugly goblin. He had three eyes, eight arms, and he was purple. There were a lot of insects and snakes and the little girls were scared. Then the Gooey Golbin turned around and put six snakes on his head and eight cockroaches around his body. Then the three girls ran into a house. Then they opened the closet to hide in it, but a human skeleton fell out. Then the girls ran out of the closet, and the three girls went into a room that was filled dust. The door’s of the room were covered in green goo and blood was oozing out.  The girls could smell the blood and goo. It smelled rotten and deadly. Then the girls saw in the window something purple. Then the Gooey Goblin threw a skeleton through the window.   Then the Gooey Goblin disappeared, but the girls heard a scream.  They followed the scream and found a  dead, little girl with no eyes.  The little girl with no eyes said, “COME.” As she said that bugs and roaches came out of her mouth.  The girls were shaking in fear.  The little girl said “He is coming for you” and it sounded like her throat was all scratched.  The girls started to run upstairs, but the dead girl grabbed the third girl’s leg.  The dead girl pulled the last girl into a shed.  In the shed, there was blood and skeletons everywhere and the girl saw a shadow pass by.  It was the Gooey Goblin!

The Goblin started chasing the third girl in the shed.  She grabbed a leg bone from one of the skeletons and she swung it at the Gooey Goblin.  When she was going to do her third swing she cut off his final arm!  The third girl finally stabbed him with the leg bone and his soul came out and flew into the dead girl with no eyes!  Just as that happened, the first two girls found the third girl in the shed.  The three girls ran home, never to return to the forest again. 

But, what about the girl with no eyes…   OOOOOOHHHHH! 

To be continued?  


6 Responses

  1. Hi Ms. Abodeely! It’s me, Nikol!

  2. Ms. Abodeely,
    Can you tell me tomorrows homework? (answer here)
    Nikol 3-307

  3. That was great where did you get that story from I thought that was a great story and pretty creepy
    by Kayla, 3-206

  4. Hi ms.Abodeely! I loved the story it was pretty scary.

    From Kiara and Rosa

  5. when? anthony 3-307

  6. Hi Ms. Abodeely it was a scary story and it was great. I like the part when the Gooey Goblin put six snakes on his head and eight cocroaches all aroud his body.
    From Dalia 3-307

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