How to Make Icies

First, you take the ice. Make sure the ice is shaped like a cube then it will fit in the egg carton.

Then, you put the ice in the egg carton. Make sure the egg carton has six holes only because you can save them for six days.

The third step is to take cold juice and spill it on the ice. Make sure you only spill one box of juice.

Next, you take the toothpicks and put them in each piece of ice. Don’t point them up because you can hurt yourself.

Finally, you take the whole thing and put it in the freezer. The freezer has to be extra cold so it can be hard and juicy. Wait until the next day and there you have it, the perfect icy!

Nikol 3-307


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    P.S.- It’s me, Nikol who wrote the HOW-TO-PIECE

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