African Researchers, Class 3-307

This year the third grade will study different parts of the world, including Africa. Our study is one of inquiry; we will research different aspects of African cultures. The research process that we will be using will consist of 4 parts:

1. First we will figure out what we know (or think we know) about Africa

2. Choose a topic that we want to study

3. Gathering information by using reference books, the Internet, African texts, newspapers, magazines, videos and interviews.
4. Presenting our findings visually and orally

In the comments below students will write about their ideas for research topics, and how the research process is going throughout.


12 Responses

  1. Below are our research questions…

    Rhys, 3-307

    Katherine, 3-308

  3. Who wos shaka zulu?

  4. Is MADACASCAR A country or a ISLAND?

    BY, tatiana 3-307

  5. Why are twins so importint in Yuruba? SABRINA 3-307

  6. Can the shaka Zulu beat the Masai? or the masai can beat the Shaka Zulu?
    Mohammad, 3-307

  7. What kind of animals live in Africa?
    Nikol 3-307

  8. How did they make a thing from Africa called a cuff, it is a bracelet with a lot of beads.
    by justin, 3-307

  9. How do Africans dance in Southern Africa?


    KIARA, 3-307

  10. What do they eat in Zimbabwe and Mozembique?
    Anthony, 3-307

  11. Why does Africa have so many countries?
    Kimberly 3-307

  12. Why do they kill animals in Africa?
    Richard 3-307

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