Fractions: What we learned today

Students from Class 3-206 are going to publish what they learned today about fractions under this blog post as “Comments”.

To see their comments, click the blue title of this post and scroll down to see them, or click the blue link that says how many Comments have been left to go directly to them.


18 Responses

  1. I learned that fractions are numbers that grow bigger.

    Alexander, 3-206

  2. I learned about the fractions because in 4/4 =1=100%

    Sonia, 3-206

  3. I learned the number in the bottom is the denominator, and the number in the top is called the numerator.

    Yesamin, 3-206

  4. I learned that the numerator goes on top and the denominator goes on the bottom.

    Elijah, 3-206

  5. I learned about fractions, you can have 1 half.
    Devon, 3-206

  6. I learned that 1.00 and 4 quarters is 4/4.
    Matthew, 3-206

  7. We could do a drawing about fractions and numbers like this:
    1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4

    Sharon, 3 -206

  8. Dear Matthew,

    I saw your work on fractions. You might want to revisit your example because 4/4 is equal to 1 not 1 and 4/4.

    Ms. Martinez

  9. Ms. Martinez,
    I figured out that 4 quarters equals 4/4. And it is equal to 1 whole.
    Thank you Ms. Martinez.
    Matthew with Elijah’s help, 3-206

  10. I Learned about fraction that a number in the top is called a numerator and at the bottom is called denominator.
    from Diana, 3-203

  11. I Learned That 2 halfs equals 1 whole.

  12. I learned that you need a friend. If you go to the pizza store and you get 2 halfs and you put it together it’s one whole.

    Heidy, 3-206

  13. I learend today that 10 x10=100 and 10×100=1,000 100×100=10,000 100×1,000=100,000 1,000×1,000 =1,000,000
    from Amadou, 3-206

  14. What is 1 new thing you learned?
    I learned that when you add 7 plus 3 it equals 10.
    Maria, 3-206

  15. I learned that you can use drawings in fractions.
    George, 3-203

  16. Dear Ms. Lutz,
    You were a great teacher last year. I had fun with you. When you did math with me it was great. I learn lot of stuff. We did fractions and lots of other things.

  17. DEAR MS LUTz,
    I liked your class. Your class writing is so good and it it is very fluent. I like every piece of your students writing. I will never let you out of my sight.
    Raquel 4-308

  18. Dear Tatiana and Raquel,
    You were both great students and it was fun to have you in my class. I’m really glad that you both have learned to like math so much. I’m wondering what both of you would like to be when you grow up?
    Ms. Lutz, 3-206

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