• Hi MR. Rhys i readthe comet well anyway i don’t want to bother you so bye. KATHERINE 3-307

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  1. Katherine,
    Thank you for your comment. I am impressed that you were able to publish this post on your own! You are way ahead!

    Here are a few notes about how you can do it next time:

    1. I edited your post to erase your last name. Students are not allowed to put their last names on this blog.  From now on just type KATHERINE, 3-307.

    2. If you are sending messages to someone about something they put on the blog you can leave it as a “Comment” to their post. That’s what I’m doing now. I logged in, and clicked on the big blue title of your post, “comet” and that took me to a page with just your post, no other posts, and below it there was a box that said “LEAVE A COMMENT”. I typed my note to you there and clicked “Submit Comment” so it would show up right under your writing.

    3. I’d love to see some of the writing from your Writer’s Notebook on this blog. Ask Ms. Abodeely if there is a piece of your writing that she’d like you to publish on the blog.

    Thanks again, you’re doing great!

    Mr. Rhys, TMS

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