Math Problem of the Week

[The following is an example of how a Math blogging exercise could work] 

We are going to have a math problem for the week, posted on this blog for all of the third graders to try to solve.

Click on the Title of this blog post (“Math Problem of the Week”), and type your answer to the following questions in the box at the bottom of the page that says “Leave a Comment”.


Elephant Sleep:

“Most elephants need only about 2 hours of sleep each day.”

1. About how many hours of sleep do you need each day?

2. About how many more hours of sleep do you need than most elephants?

3. About how many hours a week does an elephant sleep?

4. About how many hours a month does an elephant sleep?

Sign your Comment: Make sure you type your first name and class number at the bottom of your comment, like this:

by: Rhys, 3-307


One Response

  1. We counted up by twos five times. Then we had to do that five times to get it up to ten. Elephants need to sleep two hours a night, children sleep ten hours, so we get more rest than elephants.

    An elephant sleeps 2 hours and Heidy sleeps 10 hours each night. For the elephant to catch up to Heidy it has to sleep 5 days.

    Days are the units.

    The whole class, 3-206

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