Introduction to the Internet and The Media Spot

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* typing is the key to everything we do on the Internet;
* you’re going to learn by practicing with the Type2Learn game, and by typing your handwritten work onto the computer
* everything we look at or add to the Internet is based on language used to communicate: letters, words, numbers (a Math problem communicates with numbers) — we have to know how to type to communicate

the Internet:
* the Internet is a tool for finding information on just about anything;
* that information can be communicated to you through words, numbers, pictures, sounds or moving pictures (like videos)
* anyone can publish information on the Internet — INCLUDING US; (Question: Should you believe everything you read on the Internet?)
* examples:
– Searching for pictures and information through “Search Engines” (,
Google Maps;
– a place to publish OUR OWN information about what we’ve learned and what we think about things…

* OUR class blog is our home page on the Internet (like:; it will be like our journal — published onto the Internet
* publishing information on a blog is a way to share what we’re doing with people all over the school and all over the Internet
* examples of how we’ll use it:
– typing writing from your writer’s notebook
– answering math problems posted by your teachers
– posting artwork
– posting a video that we make
– communicating with people from all over the Internet – like Pen Pals

* an important thing about blogs is that they are set up so that conversations can take place over them. we do this by leaving “Comments” on them. a “Comment” on a blog is a response to a blog “Post”.

WATCH the PS 124 Guacamole video and leave a “comment” on the PS124 blog. What did we like about it?

Talk to each other about what you might want to write on the blog.

* What new words did we learn today?
* Let’s list them as a “comment” to this post!


3 Responses

  1. Vocabulary:
    1. blog or web log – A blog is a website that you can log into and read about all sorts of things. We are going to store information on our blog. We are going to store information about the things we’re studying in class, and information about us and our school.

    2. publish – Putting information up where people can see it, like a bulletin board, or the Internet.

    3. link – a link is a button (a rectangular shape, or rounded shape), or a word that links you to another website. You can tell it’s a link when you move your mouse over a word and the mouse changes from an arrow to a hand.

  2. I’m looking foward to working with you guys next week on Type 2 Learn!

  3. More Vocabulary:
    1.Internet Search – When you put keywords into a search engine like and and look for information on the Internet.
    2. Keywords – You take a sentence and you break it up into the most important words that you want to learn about.
    3. Video – A way of playing moving pictures. Like a movie.

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